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Forgotten Playland
Toybox Sale
The sale has ended, toyboxes can still be purchased on Sphere.

Forgotten Playland Toybox Sale
Forgotten Playland

Introducing Forgotten Playland - the ultimate free-to-play social party game! Engage in exhilarating battles with friends both local and online party games, or kick back and socialize in our lively Hub area.


Visit the game site to learn more.

Introducing Toyboxes

Your ticket to a world of customization magic! These are more than just mystery boxes; they’re treasure troves filled with goodies to make your PlushKyn stand out from the crowd. Unbox a world of possibilities, to change your base skin, head, eyes, neck, arms, and legs. Let your imagination run wild!

Your Plushie!

Inside your Toybox, you’ll find a delightful array of items to bring your PlushKyn to life:

  • Skin
    Skin: These form the foundation of your PlushKyn’s look, providing its unique material.
  • Head
    Head: Explore a selection of charming headwear options, from hats to fancy crowns.
  • Eyes
    Eyes: Transform or adorn your PlushKyn’s eyes with a selection of glasses, button eyes, and more.
  • Neck
    Neck: Add a touch of flair to the neck area with necklaces, ties, and other stylish accessories.
  • Arms
    Arms: Customize or enhance your PlushKyn’s arms with options like brick-inspired designs.
  • Legs
    Legs: Give your PlushKyn a distinctive touch with leg coverings or specialized leg styles, including peg legs and more.

AND... Each cosmetic carries its own rarity!


So open your Toybox and let your imagination run wild as you create the perfect PlushKyn companion!


48 hours.

There is no set maximum total supply. When the sale is over, the maximum total supply will be determined based on the number of Toyboxes purchased during the 48 hour sale period.

You can mint as many Toyboxes as you desire.

Each Toybox costs $19.99 + gas fee.

FP, BEAM & USDC are the supported currencies to purchase Toyboxes. Get 10% off by using FP Tokens for your purchase!

Each Toybox contains 1 cosmetic.

30 cosmetics in total.

No, you will be able to unbox your Toyboxes through your inventory once the sale is over.

The inventory is used to unbox Toyboxes and view the cosmetics you own. Connect your wallet to obtain access to your inventory.

Common 60%, Uncommon 25%, Rare 10%, Very Rare 4%, Ultra Rare 1%.

Yes, both the Toyboxes and cosmetics will have their own collection page. Please make sure to use the correct links on this page.

Yes, you will be able to equip your cosmetics in-game through the customization station.

No, “Toybox: The Foundation” is limited edition.

No, all 30 cosmetics found in “Toybox: The Foundation” will not be sold individually in the future.

There will likely be new Toyboxes with new cosmetics in the future.