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Forgotten Playland
Enter the world of Forgotten Playland.
Where playful chaos, exhilarating party games, and adorable PlushKyns collide.
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Welcome to
Forgotten Playland

Social Hub

The Social Hub is a dynamic and interactive place where players can hang out and socialize within the game. Group up with friends (and strangers) and explore the world.

Taking place in an abandoned attic, the Social Hub is the hotspot and starting point of every player’s adventure. Buzzing with activity it provides a lively gathering spot for players.


Space DiscoSpace Disco

Space Disco

Beach BarBeach Bar

Beach Bar

Jungle CampJungle Camp

Jungle Camp

Customization Station

This feature offers deep customization options, allowing players to express their individuality and creativity. Players can customize up to six different traits of their PlushKyns: skin, head, eyes, neck, arms, and legs.

This level of customization ensures that each PlushKyn is unique and reflective of the player’s style and preferences.

Party Game Chest

Players control the PlushKyns through a series of imaginative and competitive minigames, set within the creatively repurposed confines of the attic.

Each party game, showcases the PlushKyns’ competitive spirit. The games range from light-hearted fun to subtly sinister challenges.

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